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Morgues, Museums, and the Ghost of Errol Flynn

Monstrous Geographies, Session 8: Monstrous Heritage Harris Manchester College, Oxford, United Kingdom, July 18 – 20, 2012 The remnant of a woman’s shoe appears in a glass display case; a child-sized crutch is discovered in a plundered backyard; blocks from the beach, an apartment building sags with the trappings of former glamour. Are these landscapes of [...]


At arm’s length

At arm’s length is a web-based project exploring the process of self-portraiture. Collaborating with actress Lisa Fletcher, I developed sketches of ‘the amateur photographer’ staged at each of three contrasting locations. The space introduced by social media, dating sites, and blogs for ‘profile pictures’ has created a need for images. Since building and tending to [...]



In Waves, digital photo frame technology is employed to make manifest a tangent of memory. Growing from a single constructed image, an imagined narrative points to the performative tendencies of subjects in front of the camera, and the transformation of an image into a trigger for the recollection of ‘cherished moments’. Delving into Barthes notion [...]



Distancing is an installation by Erin Ashenhurst and Kristin Carlson that plays with the themes of memory and narrative. To remember is to give meaning to personal experience. Over time, the nature of memories change as they fall subject to the filter of perspective, new information, and the process of forgetting.


domestic.foul ~ the study of everyday oddity

Domestic.foul is an ongoing drawing project which first took the form of a weekly comic (almost ten years ago). In these sketches, humans reveal their eccentricities while animals indulge in all manner of mischief. The banal quickly becomes the bizarre.